Friday, September 5, 2008

Marilyn & Another Window Idea

As the blog author I get to introduce everybody (bwahaha!)
There are 10 of us so it will take some time.
This time I'll start with Momma Marilyn. I say that because she's the oldest of 4 girls and claims she raised us.
She is biologically the mother of 2 great kids.
This Domestic Diva is getting ready to move into her dream home...although her current home is pretty dreamy...but how much fun will that be to start over with bare walls, bare floors, bare everything? I say very fun.
She's totally up for the task. She's had tons of decorating, crafting, furniture refinishing, sewing, etc. experience. She's a very busy lady so it might be tough to get her ideas posted on here but I'm commissioning her daughter to help me with that.
So look for more fun ideas from Martha Marilyn in the future. Meanwhile, here is another idea for one of those old windows that sit outside those antique shops, begging to be purchased. (Trust me, this is just the tip of the iceberg with this girl.)

Marilyn pressed real flowers between two panes of glass and put it all back together and hung it above her fireplace. Brilliant!

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