Thursday, December 12, 2013

So Happy!

A long time ago my former neighbor gave me probably $500 worth of lockers for around $30, which is what she thought she could get for scrap metal.  A steal.  They went promptly into the backyard shed, but my brain was full of ideas for them as soon as time would permit. A while ago I got out one single tall locker and painted Florida Gator blue on the outside and orange on the inside for my son’s room.  He uses it for his clothes - it’s awesome.  It fuels the friendly rival between father and son since his dad is a Seminole. :)
A couple weeks ago I finally got a wild hair to paint the beast.  A double tier, with 6 lockers…which happens to be the number of kids we have.  It looked really similar to this, but with a little rust here and there….

And now it looks like this! Backpacks and jackets are no longer hanging on the backs of my dining room chairs. Woo hooo! :)  (Don’t be jealous that we have a 3 year old resident artist that drew that gorgeous mural on my hutch in the background.  Lucky for him, it is getting a new paint color anyway.)