Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Out To Lunch

I made this on my "lunch hour" (naptime) yesterday.

I decided my daughter has been embarrassed long enough. After losing her lunchbox a couple of months ago she's been carrying The Backup Lunchbox. It's big and it's ugly and doesn't even have a strap anymore so she has to carry it by that mesh thing on the top.

I think she likes this one better.
It's insulated and everything. And washable too.

I sort of copied the mini bucket bag pattern from this book, but made my own dimensions of 16x12 and then tapered to make it a bucket bag and added the layer of insulation. I also made my straps longer and will add a velcro closure.

I just love how the letters are all uneven and crooked. It makes it look so homemade and cute. (Not really. That's just what you say when it doesn't turn out exactly how you planned it. ☺)