Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tray Chic

Yet one more thing to do with a picture frame.

Find a large-ish frame. Spray paint it the color of your choice.

Meanwhile, get a piece of thin wood or hard wood from Lowes or Home Depot. Cut it (or have it cut there) to the size of the back of your frame.

Cover one side of it with pretty papers (or I used fabric), using Mod Podge. Mine's pretty thick (5 coats).

Screw the decorated wood onto the back of the frame, pretty side up.
You can be done at this point but if you want legs, keep on going.
You can buy small table legs from Lowes or Home Depot too. Paint them.
I took the giant screws out of the back since they were much too big to use for this project.

With a miter saw, I cut mine at a slight angle so the legs slanted out a little when I glued them onto the back of the tray.

Liquid Nails is how I got them to stay on.
Dries fast and holds like...well...nails.

(I'm thinking about painting the frame black instead.)

The End

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