Friday, October 24, 2008

To make this Candy Pot that Bridget made for a previous Halloween:

orange paint, gold paint, yellow paint
foam brush
clay pot (any size)
black sharpies (one .5 point & one regular)

Paint pot orange, let dry. Paint yellow stripes (I did 5) around pot. Paint gold stripes slightly on top of yellow ones. With thin sharpie make squiggly lines down left side of stripes.

Draw on face and color in with regular sharpie. Use thin sharpie to make stitch lines around eyes, nose, mouth. Make a raffia bow and hot glue on side. Fill with candy :)

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Annetta said...

That is cute. Another idea for the pots at Halloween are to paint them like candy corn. The boys and I painted the small pots last year for the boys teachers and filled them with candy and topped them off with candy corn candy. I love all your ideas on this blog. Annetta