Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Cram

Before it gets too busy and there is no time to blog, here are a few holly jolly ideas from Bridget.

One for the kids...

Snowman Spoon Ornament
plastic spoon
orange and black "TULIP" paint
white felt (or craft foam)
black felt (or craft foam)
black sequins (or buttons)
fabric scrap
ribbon for hanger

Paint on face and let dry (overnight is good). Cut out white felt for body, glue it to the spoon handle. Glue ribbon to the top of the spoon for hanger. Cut out hat from black felt and glue over ribbon. Make scarf from fabric scrap to tie around neck. Glue on sequins and twig arms.

Christmas Outlet Cover
wood Christmas shape (pre-painted or not)
safety outlet cover

Paint shape if not painted. Hold up wood shape to outlet to measure where you want to glue the cover. Hot glue cover to back of shape. Plug in outlet.

Decorative Bags/Cards/Plaques
gift bags
plain cards
lunch sacks
wood pieces
Wonder-Under/Heat N Bond, etc.
fabric scraps
jingle bells
jute string
cookie cutters (or print templates from computer or draw free hand)

Once you have cut out your fabric shapes, follow the directions for the Wonder Under or Heat N Bond from a previous post here to apply the shapes to the bag, card or wood block. Then decorate your ribbons, buttons, raffia, etc.

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