Monday, July 13, 2009

How to get your children to eat WHOLE WHEAT

This is a "TRIED AND TRUE" easy whole wheat pancake recipe that my kids love. I recently made it for 3 of my nieces and they all loved it. Two of them kept on saying how much they LOVED them and the other one loved the pancakes until I told her they were whole wheat. She then turned to me and said...."Um, I didn't like them." That was after she ate them! Ha,Ha,Ha! So I guess the trick is don't tell them they are whole wheat. Some of you might be saying, "How is this a chocolate recipe?" Well the secret ingredient is Hershey's dark chocolate chips. :)
My husband asked for his to be served up this way!
SO here is the need a box of Hodgson Mills Insta Bake (You can find it in the health food isle at PUBLIX) and then follow the pancake recipe on the back of the box.
These are the ingredients you will need....make sure you set your skillet between 250 and 300.....then pour the measured amounts all into the bowl.....mix together.......then add your desired amount of chocolate chips. (if you don't care for chocolate chips in your pancakes my children like it the same without chocolate chips.)
Then cook them!
Usually at this point I butter them up and then remove them from the skillet.

This is how I usually enjoy mine, but you can have some fun and present them..........
...........this way!

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