Monday, December 14, 2009

Party Decor

A couple of ideas we used for a church party this past weekend.

Some of the table centerpieces were these winter trees. You make them by stripping the leaves off good-sized branches, then pot them using fast-drying plaster of paris. Then we randomly hot-glued a few red berries on. My neighbor (and friend) had the brilliant idea of using some plaster to add "snow" to some of the branches. They turned out way cuter than the pictures show. I waited too late in the afternoon to take them.

These are especially cute to do in the spring time, using silk flower buds instead of berries and snow.

This other idea came from Lowes and you can find the instructions here. We did the snowflake that they did, but then we went crazy and did several more. I'm not gonna lie, these are time-consuming so I don't recommend waiting until the last 5 days before your party to make them. If you are an artist they'll go much faster. It just took a long time to plan out the shape and make patterns on butcher paper. We loved the result though, so it was all worth it! ☺

Here are a few.

Jen, you can no longer pretend you're not crafty. The secret is out!! ☺

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