Saturday, August 23, 2008

One Hundred and One Thing To Do With A Really Old Window

A few years ago we came into possession of almost an entire house worth of antique windows. They came from this big charming house on the river. The owners were replacing the windows and sold them to us for $5-$10 apiece, depending on the size. A steal!
(My husband would say, "Yeah, someone please steal the rest of them right out of our attic.")

This window is in it's original form, virtually untouched, with layers of crackling paint. This made the work easier for me. You don't have to distress it if it's already distressed.
Matching the colors in the room, just select a different fabric for each pane (a couple of mine are quilted scraps). Hot glue or staple gun them on the back of the window, nice and tight.

And that's all there is to it. Just hang it up!

It would even be cute with a curtain rod and valance above it if you had a big wall without a real window nearby.
*Just remember if you plan on sanding the original paint off of an old piece, there's a good chance it's lead paint so take the proper precautions.
More window ideas coming soon.

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Jacquelyn Biersach said...

I LOVE THIS! I must do this someday! Great in a baby room for sure!