Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Diaper Wreath

You've seen the diaper cakes, but have you seen the diaper wreaths?

I used size 2 diapers in case the mom wants to hang it in the nursery for awhile. You could do even larger diapers if you want. You will also need a foam or wire wreath core, those little clear plastic hair ties, lots of ribbon and toys, washcloths, bibs, pacifiers or whatever you want to put on the wreath.

My hubby picked up the wreath for me and it was a little fat so I just trimmed it with a sharp knife.

Open a diaper and wrap around the wreath.

Wrap a plastic tie around it. They are tiny so just wrapping it once is fine.

Repeat this, overlapping each diaper so that there are no gaps. I used around 25 diapers for this size wreath. Fluff out the tops to make it full.

It even looks cute with the Blue's Clues side showing.

Wrap ribbon around it then tie on the toys, etc.
This one was obviously for a boy.


The Evans said...

This is so Cute. I just loved the one janet made for tara's baby shower. I can't wait to try this.

TARA, RYAN and JACK said...

Thats for my boy! I LOVED IT!!!

TexasBlueEyes said...

I really think it's cute, but I think most new parents would agree that they would rather have the pack of diapers!