Thursday, August 14, 2008

Got Cake?

I have seen this idea in a few different websites/magazines and couldn't wait to try it myself. It's so versatile and way easy.
Here's how you make your own cake stand.

Hit the thrift stores and pick up a plate (the flatter the better) and a sundae cup or candle holder or a goblet or whatever fancies you for this project. You will also need a tube of clear caulk.

Make sure the dishes are clean and dry. Apply the caulk to the bottom of the cup. You don't need a ton, this stuff really holds, but make sure it's enough. You can always wipe off the excess.

Centering it, attach the cup to the bottom of the plate.

Wet Q-tips work great for wiping off the excess caulk.

Now wait until it dries. Be patient, this could take 2-3 days.

The possibilities are endless for this really.
This one was made from a little girls tea set. Cute, huh?

And why stop with glass? Make some colorful plastic ones for a birthday party or some holiday ones would be pretty.
I plan on using mine at a future church function. Can't you just see cute cupcakes displayed on all of them?
Have Fun!!

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