Friday, November 28, 2008

Advent Calendar (sort of)

I adapted this idea from the Skip To My Lou website. There are some fun ideas over there! They did this originally for Valentines Day and Halloween so I thought it would be fun to do it for Christmas as sort of an Advent Calendar type thing.
Here's how to do it (or just skip over to Skip To My Lou for a great tutorial):

You need
25 half sheets of cardstock in red, green and white
stamps, stickers or markers
double stick tape
crimper (from craft stores)

First, stamp, color or put stickers on each piece of cardstock. Write a number (1 - 25) in the middle of each piece.

Create a tube by putting double stick tape on one short side of the cardstock and taping to the other short end.

Use double stick tape again and seal up one end of the tube.

Put one small piece of candy for each member of your family (or at least the kids) in each container.
Seal up the other end with the tape, only in the opposite direction so it looks like one of those sour cream containers or those triangle ice pops in school lunches. ☺

Use the crimper to crimp each end so it really looks like a sour cream container.

When you finish, you will have 25 numbered containers. One to open each day of December to have a little treat. We decided to add a fun 'To Do' item on the inside of each day, like a craft or a walk to the local ice-cream store for a hot chocolate or drop off treats to friends and neighbors.

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