Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bathroom Furniture

Once upon a time about 5 years ago, I became impatient with my guest bathroom. The year before, in an attempt to update things in there, I painted over the very dark laminate of the vanity and got rid of the matching wallpapered light switch cover. I so wish I had a before picture, but I do not.

It was better with the new paint and such but I was still not satisfied. I was thrifting one day and stopped at one of my favorite thrift stores but they weren't open. As I was leaving I noticed this awesome piece of furniture - a buffet - in the window. I was in love. I'm telling you I went back to that store and gazed at it through the window 3 more times before they were actually opened. It was one of those places where the owner shows up whenever they want to.

Anyway, they finally opened and I finally got in there, pushed all the other customers out of the way (not really) and bolted straight to the buffet, asked how much it was, whipped out my handy little tape measure to be sure and took it home. (It was 60 bucks - a no brainer.)

I left it the original color because it went well with the new wallpaper and paint I was going to use.

After pulling out the old vanity myself (when I get excited about a project I can't wait around for my husband to get home from work to help me), and installing a sink and new plumbing, after a few days this is how it turned out.

I was able to salvage some space in most of the drawers by cutting and rebuilding the drawers around the plumbing. For the drawer that's directly under the sink, I removed the actual drawer and then permanently screwed the drawer front back in place so it doesn't open at all.

Today I took these pics of the antique dresser turned vanity I helped make for a friend. She's very close to moving into her newly built gorgeous home after a fire destroyed her other gorgeous home over 2 years ago.

Here's the before.

The sink she bought prior to buying the dresser was slightly to big for the dresser top so she had a counter top made to fit the sink and I think it turned out beautiful! We were able to save almost the entire bottom drawer for toilet paper storage.

Doing that vanity for her got me more excited to do one for my master bathroom. I've been looking for a looooooong time to find a piece of furniture that is precisely the right measurements and just last week I lucked out and got this beauty.

(Only I talked him down to $110. ☺)

I hope I can have it done in the next few weeks.


Rob, Brooke and Caleb said...

I LOVE this look; it's so much nicer than just plain cabinets. And the one's you've made are gorgeous!! I can't wait to see how the one in your bathroom turns out!

rebekah said...

Oh wow!!! These are beautiful...and right up my alley!! thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

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TitansFan said...

That is amazing, I have always tried to make antique furniture look better. I tried the last time with my bathroom vanity, didn't turn out quite right. Oops! I ended up putting in a Contemporary Bathroom Vanity that ended up working out quite well.

burns blogger said...

this has opened my eyes and i will look at making my antique bathroom furniture look better. I have a modern styled bathroom at the moment but i can soon change that. thanks.