Monday, August 31, 2009

I Got Nothin'

I'm on a diet. But yesterday Jill made the already posted Too Much Chocolate Cake recipe. But since she's such a picky eater, she made it gluten-free.
Betty Crocker has made a at least one Celiac's dream come true by making a gluten-free cake mix. We have no idea what it tastes like made per the directions on the box, but we do know if you doctor it up with the same ingredients as in the Too Much Chocolate Cake recipe (substituting the cake mix itself, of course) it tastes almost identical to the recipe made with regular cake mix - which is super rich and super moist and super delicious!
Be sure to check out the ingredients in the chocolate chips you choose, as well as the pudding. Sometimes ingredients change but we know today that Jello chocolate pudding is gluten-free. Hershey's brand chocolate chips are too.


Heidi said...

Yeah, Jill! I'm so glad you found some gluten-free goodies!

Kelli said...

Ahhh, me too! I miss my chocolate!