Monday, August 10, 2009

Duct Tape - How Do I Love You....

Let me show you one way.

On the hunt for a bolster pillow to go with my new black bench (yes, I kept it for myself), I found a nice $20 one at Ikea, which is a good price for as big and as nice as it is. But it was waaaaaay too big for the bench. I kind of knew it would be but I had a backup place to use it so I got it anyway. ☺

So, I had a thought to make a pillow the right size without sewing anything. In my opinion, some things just aren't worth taking the time to sew.

So I took an old king-size pillow and some good old duct tape - in fashionable colors - not that it matters - and folded the pillow in half and taped it like that. I thought about tying it with string, which would definitely work, but this was just way faster. Take note this is an old pillow, meaning not alot of poof left in it. I think a brand new one would be more difficult to tape down.

I promise that pillow has never been peed on.
It's just water-stained from going to bed with wet hair.

I put it in a bolster cover I already had (2 for 2.99) at Ikea, which I intend to change as soon as I find the right fabric to make a new one (that's definitely worth the time to sew) but for now this one is cute enough.


Hill said...

You are so talented! I wish I could do the things you do.

Rob, Brooke and Caleb said...

Oh my gosh Janet, that is brilliant!! How do you come up with this stuff??! Thanks for the great idea!!

RUBICITA said...

tienes una imaginaciĆ³n maravillosa!!! :)